spring cleaning

yeah right! It's more like winter cleaning it's so cold outside!! But in all honesty I am excited about the new changes that I am going through, and I thought a complete change to the blog would be appropriate. This is also to match MY NEW LOGO!! My good friend Sarah Barrow designed my awesome logo. I am so pumped about this, thanks Sarah!!! When I sat out to change up my blog I had in mind what I wanted. I was going for something a little more clean to match my new logo. I didn't plan on having to learn quite so much! It was a great journey though. I honestly spent about 5 hours or more on youtube watching video tutorials of all kinds! I learned how to make my banner disappear, how to make a button from a photo that links to other websites, like my own. I also found that I really love blogging, editing, everything! In this, I can say that learning is so completely vital to what I do. If I am not always learning new things about photography, editing, blogging, social networking, I can really fall behind! There are so many resources out there just waiting to be found. I am continually looking for mine! Moving on: I am really stoked to show these awesome photos of my lovely nieces that I shot over spring break in Boerne, TX. I had such a blast with them down there and I can't wait to see them again for our family reunion!!

without further ado!
here are some shots to commemorate:

until next time,



back into the swing of things

Now that Molly and I are back in Fayetteville it is time to snap back into reality. I find it really hard to transition back into my daily routine whenever I just get back from a vacation of any length. My time in Texas was so relaxing and much needed.  I love getting to see my brothers and sisters and truly love getting to know my nieces more and more!! Coming back to Fayetteville is great though. It's nice to come back to a place that you really love. This town is awesome!! Everything from the style of the place to the wonderful community of people (woodway!!).  Molly and I got back late Saturday night and went straight to bed - woke up the next day and went straight to church - came home and I went straight to an engagement shoot that I second shot for Maura Dawn Photography - then straight to bed. Well maybe not straight to bed, I did stay up to edit for a while! I will probably post on Wednesday the photos from the shoot for Amanda Millers family, but I just finished up with the engagement shots from yesterday so I am anxious to get those up!

so here you are:

such a fun couple

probably my favorite shot

very cool

look how fun they were!

can't help but get the shoes in there!

I really like getting these shots

very nice

look at those shoes

Maura Dawn - hard at work!

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Today will conclude our time in Texas. For the past few days, Molly and I have been staying with her sister in Boerne, TX. This little town is incredibly quaint! Amanda and Austin (her sister and sister's husband) were in Puerto Rico for a business trip so Molly and I were taking care of their three girls. Madison-8, Emmry-5, and Molly-2. We had a blast! Being a "Dad" for those two days was exhausting to say the least, I don't know how anyone does it?! I'm sad to leave but very anxious to get back to Fayetteville and dive head first into everything i've got going on there! Speaking of diving back into things, while Molly and I were at a little coffee shop, I ran into one of Amanda's friends who works for a summer Christian Athletics camp called Still Water. She nonchalantly asked us what we do. Molly said that she teaches and I said that I am finishing school and am a photographer. Her eyes got really wide and she said that she has been looking for a photographer for their summer camp. We are now looking at possibly coming back for a week or two this summer so I can shoot their camp. They also need a videographer and I am obsessed with making little movies so I may just rent a Canon 5D for the time I'm down here to get some good footage! Really exciting things are brewing, and I am thankful for all of them!

some shoots to commemorate:

in love

I've driven this same car at Theo's

until next time