first prints

So I recently developed my first roll of 120mm film! I'm really excited to get my current roll developed that is in my holga, because it has some really cool shots from a wedding I did last Saturday. When I develop that roll I am going to put a couple images on my website to give an idea of the different photos possible to my clients for wedding packages. I just feel that the anticipation that comes with not knowing immediately what shot I get mirrors that anticipation of a wedding day. Yes it is very much planned but it's the moments that surprise us that are so spectacular. So my plan is to offer, into the package, a couple rolls of film to be taken with my holga and then have them developed and given to the couple. It will give them something completely unedited and raw. Something human.

Here are a few from my first roll:

My brother-in-law recently told me that film images are more human than digital. They capture our memories in the sense that our memories are not tack-sharp, but rather very blurry and some things we remember very clearly and others not so much. Like in a photo taken with film, some things are blurry and dull while others pop with color. I respect that.

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{lovely Alea}

I had an amazing little photo shoot the other night out at Lake Fayetteville! It also didn't hurt that I had such an adorable little model to work with either!! As you can see she is absolutely adorable and was so much fun to photograph. I have really been loving these little kid shoots lately, so let's keep them coming!!

hope you enjoy:

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Herzig family shoot

I had the great opportunity to photograph the most adorable family this morning. Vivian is such a cutie, and quite the little fireball! I guess it's a red head thing!! I really enjoy starting out my day with a photo shoot. I find that being with people who want you to capture their love, is so very satisfying! It is the best knowing that my job is letting people see themselves truly in love, through the eye of my camera! I am very blessed to do what I do and I pray that God continues to bless me in this incredible business. Thank you to everyone out there who have helped me on this journey to get me where I am today, and to all of you who inspire me! I can't wait to see where God takes me!!

sneak peak from this morning:

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baby Maylee

Molly and I came to Little Rock for the weekend to see our good friends Clay and Rachael.  Clay used to live with me in college and now he and his wife bought a house in Frisco CO. They are looking forward to a new member of their family in August!! While it was great to be able to spend some time with them, I really wanted to take the opportunity to do a little photo shoot with Rachael and her belly! The shoot was super laid back and turned out great!

take a look for yourself:

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{meet Holga}

My latest addition to my camera bag is the film toy camera, Holga.

Lately I have been having the urge to get into some film photography and started doing some research online. I loved the whole mentality behind the cult following of lomography, and especially the holga.  I've been talking to my brother-in-law {his website} lately, who is also a photographer, about shooting film.  He has a holga, and other film and digital cameras, and he gave me some awesome websites to check out.

these are both great websites with a lot of great information.  I bought my Holga from holgamods today and let me tell you it was, hands down, the best customer service I have ever experienced! I sent the owner an email, letting him know that I am interested. He then calls me later, having found my phone number from my website, which is in my signature to all of my emails! It was nice that he would take time out to call me. He even complemented me on my photography, telling me that he was impressed with my composition! I won't lie, I am a little bit star-struck. 

An idea that I have is to offer a few rolls of film, from my holga, as a add-on package for my photo shoots. I am going to take it on some shoots that I have coming up and get some sample shots and upload them to my website so people will be able to see the finished product. 

here are a couple stock photos from the internet to give you an idea of what I am wanting to achieve:
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