A day in the life of Travis

It's imperative to find ways to take the stress out of busy days.

I was in OKC getting ready to photograph a wedding and I had the great opportunity to spend the morning with my old roommate from Oklahoma State! Travis and I met up at his favorite coffee shop - elemental coffee. (Interesting fact: they provided the coffee for the wedding) Oh how I loved this place! Very simple and excellent coffee. Only a few choices in drinks and no syrups. Just and evident love of espresso. We spent the rest of the morning walking around downtown and visiting the Oklahoma City Memorial. It was great spending the morning with Travis before the big wedding day! I think I'll make a habit of really relaxing like this before weddings. It really makes things that much more enjoyable!

Check out some fun photos from our morning in OKC:

teaching travis the in's and out's of

Travis - "I got a like! I got another like!!"

such a beautiful memorial

love this wall

until next time

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